I Promise You Treats by Christopher Smith

Here, here
Out of the cage you go
Come, come
To me
Gently embrace me now
Cling tight, and be patient
But, I promise you treats

When sounds hurt
Donít fright
If you are jostled
Donít fright
For I will be with you always and still
And I promise you treats

Now, weíre off!
What did I say!
Donít fright
That was only the door
Yes, I jerked it open
Iím here to make a point
Yes, and to secure you treats

That? Thatís my boss yelling at me
For the last time I might add
Hold still, Iím just shifting my weight
No claws! I need this arm
To kill him and get your treats

Ah, thank you
Itíll be over soon
Donít fright
Heís just pleading
And now he dies
Treats soon, I promise

~Blam, blam~

See, all better now, huh
That mean man went away
Now, let me reach around and get my knife
And Iíll cut you some treats
Just like I promised

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