dark minions of war by Jim Vaughn

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Dark Minions of War

Slivers of shattered dreams glitter on the path I have chosen.

Sparkling shards of things yet to be, confuse my sight as I wander along.

Dark birds screech from high above in the canopy, warning of danger.

Tangled in the spider webs of time, I trudge forward pulling these moments in my wake.

Adorned only in a robe of piety, I command those that would deceive mankind.

Fiery blasts in the night chronicle my coming, as the twisted bodies laying still show where I have been.

The power I seek, overshadows these atrocities I have committed against my brothers.

Ascending my throne, I crawl on the backs of those that have forfeit their life to my greed.

Hoards of unbelievers shout disdain for my actions, their pleas falling on deaf ears.

A corrupted sense of duty influences my desires, as the dark minions do my bidding.