Why I hate the world part I by I.E Morgan

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I am thankful for my eyes so that I can see
I am thankful for the joy that they have given me
But there were places where my eyes have been
Places where I've seen the whole world sin.
When I lay me down to sleep
Sometimes I pray the Lord their souls to keep.

Then I get angry
And I ask

Why should I pray for their sins?
The fault is not mine that man drank gin,
Drove his car and killed a girl
It's ironic how she was his daughter, Pearl

It's not my fault someone stole another's virginity
It's the only part of a human's divinity

Why do people kill the innocent?
To prove a point, smoke a joint or just gain a cent?

Why does the world do this to me?
Scare my butt off out of my jeans.
Donít they know they'll go to hell?
I guess not, they rang another bell
Dialed M for Murder

How did they sleep at night?
Did they dream? Or think the same way I do about life?
Did they dream about how they will die?
Thinking about it would be a lie
They'd be killed worse than what they dream
Or maybe that's what it may seem

Do they even sleep to dream--it only builds vulnerability

If they did sleep
And if they did dream,
They would have taken their own lives
After seeing such horrific sights.