Why I hate the world part II by I.E Morgan

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Tall, dark toothpick men marching down the streets.
Crazy cross signs on their shoulders
When they pull the picky finger, trigger happy
And send the money maker to his grave
With a RETURN TO SENDER stamped on his heat or head
All are scared and cold
One man caused this
The black sheep of his people
Leads the toothpick men
All of the blue eyed and blonde haired toothpick men,
I donít see how he wasnít questioned when
He had BROWN hair and BROWN eyes
It must have been the dishwashing liquid he washed them in.
It must have burned their eyes so they couldnít see.
Made them only see and hate the other dark haired and dark eyed
Money makers, messiah lovers, dark and different people
Yeah. The dishwashing liquid did it.