The Slide by Barb Montanye Kleeman

The Slide
The sun shines all around me as it glimmers off the lake.
The tiny beads of water covering my body evaporate one by one.
The heat from the sun warms me and once more I seek the coolness I have found in the lake.
Approaching the slide I know that refreshment is only a moment away.
Coursing towards the water, quickly I take a breath just before the darkness of the lake surrounds me.
For a second all is silent all around me and the murkiness is my solitude.
I long to stay, yet all too soon I become aware of the need for air.
Kicking I propel myself towards the rays of the sun.
As I break through to the top the brightness envelopes me.
The feeling is so exhilarating that I soon find myself climbing the stairs once more.
The peace and the quiet that the water promises though onlyfleeting beckons to me once again.

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