Gods Plan by Barb Montanye Kleeman

As the sun sets and the evening of the day approaches, I think about the gifts, which God has given me, the laughter of my children, caring friends, and the love of my family.
Each day brings with it new possibilities and fresh ideas. With God's understanding love, all things are possible. My future can be as bright as I
want it to be. Faith is more than merely believing in God, faith is knowing He is with us in all we do. While it may not always be easy to accept God's will, we must realize there are reasons for everything that occurs in our lives. Maybe we will know those reasons one day, or perhaps they will never be known in this lifetime.
I place my future in God's hands and have faith that all will be well. The world is a very scary place and life is hard. With God's guidance and love, I know I will endure. I pray for the strength, courage, and faith that I need and I thank God for this day, which He has given me.

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