Witches Brew by Jim Vaughn

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Witches Brew

Black, oily, dark as night, visions of goblins cloud my sight.

Hot, boiling, nasty stew, what the hell is in this brew.

Eye of new, lizard tail, donít forget them nasty snails.

Drizzle drazzle, drizzle drom, in this brew I throw a gnome.

Moss, fungus, mushrooms too, all this stuff goes in my brew.

Boil it down in a big black pot, do it right, you just get one shot.

Spells, potions and lucky charms, these might help me from getting harmed.

Cooled down, handed out, drink this potion, I loudly shout.

Spinning rooms, eyes so red, I hope from this I donít wake up dead.

Standing there with my eyes all blurry, I better move, I need to hurry.

Vodka, gin, bad whiskey too, all these taste better than my witches brew