Musical Moment by Jim Vaughn

Musical Moment

Listen to the music, hear the roar, feel the passion let it soar

Take my mind from this place, do it now, without haste.

Blue skies, rainy days, I live in a land of purple haze

Rock & roll, hoochie coo, blues sang in a soft soothing coo

Classical, jazz and all the rest, itís what gives my soul a rest.

Searing guitars, pounding drums, music moves the soul, thatís how itís done.

Call it mellow, call it hard, call it music from a Machiavellian bard

Live without passion live without need, bury it down, let your soul bleed.

Dance with jubilance, dance with glee, expressing yourself, sets you free.

Love, tragedy, and horrible pain, music covers all of these things,

Open your soul, open your mind, donít see the world with eyes that are blind

Headphones, speakers, in the car, if you let it, music can take you far.

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