This Night by I.E Morgan

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Aye, this night,
So clear and quiet

This night,
With stars so gentle

This night
So lonely and dark

This night,
So loud with its silence

The noise of little legs
Rubbed together
Making thy familiar twitter

Aye this peep of significance
So small
It consumes my mind
For it is constant

As the grass under your delicate toes

This grassland,
So green with envy
For the night has the apple beauty
Seen through its own eye
My eye

Aye, this night,
This night spent with you
Makes all other nights
Less magnificent and beautiful
Because in those nights without you
I crave for your
Warm and gentle embrace
Skin of silk
And your soft, sensual kiss

When I am without you
There is no life in me at all

When I whisper your name
My appetite falls
My insides jump and twist
And my palms sweat
I need you with me tonight
So that I may live

Marry me
So that I may die happy
On this night on all nights
When I am here
With Love itself