The Darkness by Serranda Thomas

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Seemingly for eternity,
I was lost in the darkness.
In this place anger and fear
filled my soul.

Memories from the past haunted me.
Inside my mind was the severe cruelty
I had endured in my childhood.
With a severed heart, fear and anger
filled my world.

Without a drop of compassion, I
lashed out at the one who loved me.
I tore his strong heart to shreds.

Within the darkness of my soul,
I began to see a dim light.
The light of his undying love for me.
He was the only one who could penetrate
the vastness of the dark pain I felt.

I have walked out of the trauma,
to see the light again.
Shaking with fear I struggle to
love again.

He fought a good fight for me
and this time he won.
He is truly my love and my
best friend.

Serranda Thomas