Wisp o' willows by Jim Vaughn

Wisp of the willows

Wisps of willows, winds of chance,
I canít explain why society does its morality dance.

Nixon, Clinton and Oliver North
These people were ostracized, yet Bush is much worse.

Pork belly politics, nepotism abounds
deceit in this administration is one that is profound.

Black people, poor people, those people without homes
Stuff them into shelters where they can live like gnomes

Billions in construction, billions more in aid
None of this will fix the terrible mistakes that were made.

First they say let us analyze, then they say let us think
They seem not to mind that there are lives balancing on the brink.

They say to me use diligence, that I should lend a hand
Yet I know these no bid contracts will only bankrupt our land.

Rush in Samaritans, people with big hearts
Government intervention is never where it starts

Dark minions of Cheney, minions of G.W.Bush
Those that pay into these coffers is where the laws will get pushed

Hand over fist, or pockets very deep
Counting all the dead bodies, I donít see how it is they sleep.

Politics make strange bedfellows, this I know is true
Those that sleep with lobbyists arenít really anything new.

Take away my liberty, erase hope for all
Soon it will cripple lady justice, then we will be in for a fall

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