Beyond the Stars by Carolyn Northerland

The insects breathe as one outside;
I can hear them through my window.
The breezes play against my face
As I lie against my pillow.

Why can't I fall asleep this night?
There is nothing to disturb me.
But still I lie awake, again,
To watch the stars bask in their sea.

My dreams last night took me away
To such a place I'd never seen.
The land was ruled by its people,
Who answered not to king nor queen.

The people lived in happiness;
There was no war, or plague, or drought.
"It's the perfect land to live in,"
I had believed without a doubt.

But here I lie, awake, again.
Just thinking of that flawless place
In all its glory standing strong
Across the stars of outer space.

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