Beauty by Blossom Mack

You are so beautiful
If only you knew how your face-
Alone takes me to a happy place
Your glow-
The way your smile stops my airflow
Amazing how your beauty can captivate
Leaving my mind in an inoperable state
When, I look into your eyes-
I began to realize-
That “man” is not always so ugly.
Simply, because “man” has help create you for all to see
Unknowingly, for me to admire
To search for you like a passionate pirate filled with desire
You are quenching drink for my eyes to drown in
Paralyzing my senses by the touch of your soft silky skin
Never put last, but always first
Fulfilling all of my thirst
When you are near I never have hunger
And air is needed no longer
All I need is you
There is nothing I acquire you to do
I am simply mesmerized
A secret admirer left disguised
Afraid of irony or rejection
Love at first sight has left me fallen

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