All of My Overflowing Heart by I.E Morgan

I wanted to know if I might give my love to you,
To hold you close with my heart being true.
I wanted to know how grateful you felt
For being with you makes my whole heart melt.
I love to hear your voice
And play with your hair.
In my mind I rejoice
Whenever you are near
I look at you and see a spectacular mold--
From your eyes to your feet and that heart of gold.
Under the warm rays of the magnificent Sun,
My days with you have been so much fun.
Although you told me I wasn't the one
My feelings for you were not undone.
Your eyes,
your hair,
Your warm, tender breath,
Could save me right before the inch of my death
My feelings won't let go of the way you were
And the staggering affect that you made occur.
I can't leave you now,
My heart tells me 'no'
And my feelings--
Sickening feelings
Will not let go.

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