Turkey Bird by Jim Vaughn

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Turkey Day

A day of infamy replayed through the years, itís the celebration of a dead turkey bird day, that we hold so dear.

We gather the family, we dust off the cloth, and we assemble together like a flame draws a moth.

We proclaim proudly, that this day of feast should be forever remembered by this noble beast.

Read in your bible, look through the words, see the meanings just like everyone should.

The tribes of Israel were lost in a land, they prayed to their god that he give them a hand.

It floated to the people like bread sent from the lord, it gave substance for those who used his love as a ford.

Moses was grateful and gave thanks that day, he did it without a dead turkey bird, it wasnít his way.

Not to say this celebration of our country is wrong or unjust, but the selling of dead turkey birds brings delusions of versions we trust.

Iíve often wondered about the moment Moses faced on that day, why isnít bread celebrated instead of dead turkey on this holiday.