Sci-fi Convention: Bikini Contestant #2 by Silk Dagger

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Are you ready? I said are, you, RRRRRR ready?
Our second lovely, lusty, lucious sweetie cake is up next. Welcome to the runway, Rayla.

Rayla stalks into your heart with a cat saunter, approaching five and a half feet in sensual height,midnight long hair and the smoothest copper skin, her sky blue eyes burst out at you, peering deep into your soul and tell you what is sexy and to be desired, Her.

Wearing a tight blue 60's Star Trek shirt cut in half showing the bottom of her morning perky breasts and dark ocean blue string bikini with moderate coverage, coverage resembling cheap car insurance, as she switches her cut tail, the bikini losing the cute bun battle and finding a warm comfy home in Rayla's cute butt.

Gentlemen please put your money down, enjoy the view as Rayla stalks to your side of the runway and take in her entire beauty as she disappears into the night.

Captain Kirk would have definately taken her on his crew, but she is yours in your dreams for sure.

Give it up for Rayla, and get ready, the next girl will be out in two shakes of Rayla's tail.

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