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I knock on heavens door (guns and roses), on the dark side of the moon (Pink Floyd) The Age of Aquarius (5th dimension) comes alive (Pearl Jam), the children of the sun (Billy Thorpe) ascend the stairway to heaven (Led Zeppelin), and the joker (Steve Miller) spills the wine (war), while chanting why we canít be friends (war).

The trees (rush) around Lakeside Park (rush) make me wish you were here (Pink Floyd), but Iím going home (Alvin lee) to see my babe with the red dress on.
I see a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree ( Tony Orlando and Dawn), wondering if these dirty deeds done dirt cheap (AC/DC) lead me down a highway to hell (AC/DC).

Iím a night prowler (AC/DC) but sheís a soul stripper (AC/DC) so Iím back in the saddle (Areosmith) Feeling sweet emotions (Areosmith), singing the same old song and dance (Areosmith). I got paranoid (Black Sabbath) she got misty green and blue (UFO) I said youíve got a friend (James Taylor) She said you ought to know (Alanis Morrisette) I said no more Mr. Nice guy (Alice Cooper), down in a hole (Alice In Chains) she crawled (Stone Temple Pilots).

It was plush (Stone Temple Pilots) but I saw flies in the Vaseline (Stone Temple Pilots) I asked about them bones (Alice In Chains) She answered by saying it was the man in the box (Alice In Chains). The rusty cage (Soundgarden) made him do the Jesus Christ pose (Soundgarden) but he escaped on a horse with no name (America) and ran for the border (Steve Miller), He was a smooth criminal (Michael Jackson).

The chain of fools (Aretha Franklin) was bad company (Bad Company) and I left with trouble on my mind (Buddy Guy). I was down in the bayou (Credence Clearwater Revival) when I heard it through the grapevine (Temptations) that up around the bend (Credence Clearwater Revival) the dream police (Cheap Trick) wanted me to surrender (Cheap Trick).

I almost cut my hair (Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young) but chose instead to go with the traveling band (Grand Funk Railroad) and sailed away (Styx) on a wooden ship (Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young).

Doctor, Doctor (Ufo) , the rock superstars (Cypress Hill) shouted out (Kiss), old man take a look at my life (Crosby Stills Nash and Young). He wrote a letter to Maria ( Johnny Rivers) they had the boogie woogie fever (Dr Hook), He told them to put a lime in a coconut and call him in the morning (Harry Nilsson)Ö

My crystal ball (Styx) in the white room (Cream) was many shades of pale (Procul Harum), Sweet Madame blue (Styx) poured sugar on me (Def Lepard), I thought people are strange (Doors) and went to check in at the hotel California (Eagles).

I saw this hot little momma (Sonny Terrell) while I was driving my hot rod Lincoln (Black Oak Arkansas). Jim dandy (Black Oak Arkansas) I thought to myself, she muttered itís your thing (O`Jays); she had that look of funk forty nine (James Gang).

I took the rocky mountain way (James Gang) told her that papaís got a brand new bag (James Brown). She looked at me and said, I like candy (Bow Wow Wow; I thought this is one strange day (Doors). I asked whatís your name little girl (Lynard Skynard), voodoo child (Jimi Hendrix) she whispered.

We cruised in my mercury (Steve Miller) to the roadhouse (Cream); we heard rock and roll hoochi coo (Rick Derringer), Screaming for vengeance (Judas Priest), but allowing no mercy (Nazareth) they jumped around (house of pain). I saw a green manalichi (Fleetwood Mac) under the boardwalk (Otis Redding) when the lights went out in Georgia (Vicki Lawrence).

Like a Spanish caravan (Doors) they ran to the hills (Iron Maiden), the room painted black (Rolling Stones) drove me crazy. I ordered one bourbon, one scotch, one beer (George Throughgood).

We had the time of out life (Lionel Ritchie), but I wondered who stole the DJ (D.J. Jazzy and The New Fresh Prince). Iím a simple man (Lynrd Skynrd) she was one of the beautiful people (Marylyn Manson) it was like swinging on a star (Frank Sinatra), she was in the mood (John Lee Hooker), and she smiled in my face (O`Jays),

She said preacher man (Lynrd Skynrd) Gimme three steps (Lynrd Skynrd) I said who do you love (George Throughgood) , she replied love stinks (J, Giels) can I get a witness was my reply (Marvin Gaye). Itís a tiny little thing called love (Bonnie Riatt); sweet dreams are made of this (Eurhythmics) I explained.

Lucky man (Emerson Lake and Palmer) my little Mississippi queen (mountain) said, I got my picture on the cover of rolling stone (Dr. Hook) I said, that donít impress me much (Shania Twain) was her answer.

Starting to feel in the mood (Nat King Cole), we did the funky cold medina (Tone Loc), partied all night (ZZ Topp), drove to Moon River (Andy Williams) were we sat next to turtle creek (Chuck Berry) With a future so bright I gotta wear shades (Edie Brickell and the new Bohemians); I broke out my cheap sunglasses (ZZ Topp) and said Iím a sex machine (James Brown).

Youíve got another thing coming (Judas Priest) Mr. Big Stuff (Pointer Sisters), the green eyed lady (Van Morrison) said, Aint that a shame (Cheap Trick) I said, Iíd rather go blind (Denise LaSalle) she replied, again forced to think oh what a night (Four Seasons), I said goodnight Irene (lead Belly), and departed. I went home had a TV dinner (ZZ Topp) and had a party on the patio (ZZ Topp).