Helplessly in love by Avishkar Kapoor

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As I guised the murky wind, in the shadows of the tedious path
No light that gleamed upon my darkened gaze.
As if it were plot for suffering that I may.
But in those gloomy nights, you illumined my darkest thought
And I lay, deep one night in thought…
As if in need was I, for someone to hold my hand,
The eyes struck wide, as I asked my self, yes it was you.
My nights became your abode, as I was not me
The day was a gaze, as I lay senselessly in your dream
As if those eyes mesmerized the sleep (Shit!! I forgot u had lenses)
As if I was dreaming, I am helplessly in love!

You brought back the loving feeling,
When I was down and out, prepared for leaving.
I realized…
Love can be deep when lovers aren't kissing,
Love can be trusted, even if you’re dreaming.
For I have pledged to stand by you’re side,
Never will I ever love, if you’re not on my side.
I can think no more, I can feel no more,
For my heart knows how to beat, helplessly in your love!

As I breathe your air, to live again, I live with a dream
A dream of us one day,
I have cried no less in your love, I have died no less for your touch
When all looked hazy, I have fought for my love.
For my love will not harmonize your forfeit
But it will pledge to stand by your side
For my love cannot promise you sleep
But it will never let you weep!
But it waits, waits for a touch, ever so profound
Waits For the moment, where it is flooded with emotion…
The cupid’s arrow pierces the heart and lays out my love for you
For words are mere puppets of the mind, love is from the heart,
And the heart needs a new guide.
As it is drowning in your love, it is helplessly in love!

Inane my love is not, it has the power to endure,
For it is feeble, once broken, never can it be cured.
You have shown me the light; you have shown me how to fight,
It will now fight for you, no matter the boulders no matter the heights.
For it dreams for a night, so filled with magical love, so filled with magical touch
But wait it has to, as what lay ahead ascertains my love.
Lose it will not, fooled it will be not
It will go on, crossing the mountains and the fair green plains of ordeal
But fail it will not
For it has learnt one, thing… and that is you, as it is
Helplessly in love… helplessly in love…