Sunrise at 32000 Feet by James Corry

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Movement in blackness.
No horizon.
Dawn's blind fingers reach
Into the darkness,
Unpeel the blackness
From the world.

Movement in greys.
Below me
A landscape of vague shapes,
Outlines only
Land or sea?
I cannot tell.
It has bits and bumps,
Not flat.
But the surface is dark
Not splattered in light
And it seems to ripple,

More blackness unpeeled
The horizon is now fringed
In red
Slipping into blue.
Below me

Gasp! Cloud.

Around me, others sleep
No one else sees
This wonder unfold,
Nature puts on a private play
For me.

On the horizon a forest,
Now, of red and orange
And still the leading role
In my play
Has not shown

Here she comes.
The chorus of
Red streaks and orange swirls