The New Western Fanatic by James Corry

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"Oh, no, I respect everyone's views,
Be they Christians, Muslims or Hindus.
They're entitled to their own opinion,
No matter what may be their religion,"
He says this with a face pure as sunrise,
But in reality, it's all complete lies.

"I'll not label them all with the same brush,
They're not all fools spilling dogmatic gush,"
He announces in a patronizing voice,
But he does perceive fools, bereft of choice;
Slaves to some tyrannical system
That he and a close elite are not victim.

Instead he strives to be original,
Like everyone else, an individual.
He respects others musical taste
And of course their desire to remain chaste.
Outwardly at least, because inside
Is where his disdain and contempt hide.

The same goes for the dykes and benders
As they're called in his dark, ugly centre.
"They're entitled to the same as everyone else,"
So long as they keep themselves to themselves,
He adds silently. He is dogmatic -
More subtlely so than the old fanatic.

Still, it's not for me to dictate who's who.
Everyone's entitled to their own view.