Pain,pain go away by kumar kamal

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Pain,pain go away
Go away
Rain comes pouring,washing away all my blames,blemishes
Please pain go away;go away

Iíve no friends,no foes,no faiths since she left me all alone
O why she ran away--------

Pain,pain go away
Darkness descends
Despair ascend
The Ascension of pleasure the sin-men seal and sell

Pain,pain go away
Alaknanda beat and bathe stealing the moon-beams off my prem
Desperation spread around round the corners and crevices of her preteen lustful towns

Pain,pain please donít you me pronounce as the play-boy of the Western Mount---

Days pass by
Nights come around
I feel jealous
I feel fish-mouth
Seeing her thus wriggling in pleasure inside her husbandís honey-house
Pain,pain go away