Arti rides moonlit night by kumar kamal

Arti rides moon-lit night
Tears well up in her big,black eastern,exotic eyes
Arti cries as she rides
Tears trickle down off her big,black,innocent eyes

Arti rides moon-lit night
She delight as she rides
But O the Ascension of Pleasure she cannot find
No matter how much she him try she cannot touch the divine light
Orgasm after orgasm races through her pre-teen-progressive sites

Arti rides moon-lit-night
Tears well up in her big,black,eyes
Rivulets of pleasure,her nipples so ripe;lips quaver,hip curves narrow,wide
She rides him free and wild miles after miles across the unmapped,uncharted Domains of love-rum-light
In her eyes the sun smile in the flicker of infinite light
Arti rides in moonlight
Temple bells ring 7,69
Kumar kisses her passion-prancing-pride
O Iím surprised;Iím so surprised
How am I to rein this wild,wet,love tide
Arti,arti,arti let there be light
Stop Genocide
Bare-back on Mississippi
We meat meet;sit,sip,eat,drink love mixes infinite thrills
Pleasure of prayers prime-rose keep to kiss

Arti rides unique Ink
My pen trembles in her love tunnel;pouring in her seeds,songs,sonnets
She bites me to bleed and breed
Humanityís harmonica lay betwix her Eden-hidden-legs

Arti rides moonlitnight
Tears well up in her big,black eyes
Arti cries knowing not why
The same she rides,yet not the same site
She contemplates Kumar---

She cries
Tears trickle down on her husbandís thighs

Arti cries as she rides-------

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