waited by Willow Thyme

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I've called your name a thousand times and I was never answered
I've searched the skys for hours on end and yet I saw nothing
I've tried every key in every lock,to be denied access
I've checked every gallery and never found your master piece
I swore never to stop looking but on the day I did
Everything I'd worked so hard for vanished from the grid
And all that was left was a perfect soul
Not one mark,no smoldering coal
Just the softness of your skin
All the things I'd worked so hard to win
Were stood before me
In a natural form
More natural that the earth herself
Your lips
So sentchus
Your eyes
So full of feeling
Your cheek
So soft like silk
Your smile
So beautiful it blinds me
I call your name and you answer
I look to the heavens and see your face and golden wings in the stars
I use a key and I'm opened up to an amazing world
I look at a gallery and see you master piece on every wall
I fall to my knees,my guard shattered
My heart itself is in tatters
My vision blurred and blinded
How could I have been so small minded
You run to me and hold me fast
I cling to you to make it last
Your here at last
How much have I prayed and wept in the past
I screamed for you
I begged for you...
Ana now you've come and I'm drowning in fear
This must be a punishment for my weakness
My death bed is building,tear upon tear
Yet you continue to amaze
I'me still in your arms,no pulling away
I wait for your leave
It doesn't come
I wait for harsh words
They do not come
And as you fail to do so I only weep harder
My fear is slipping into those tears
I'm drying,both tears and fears
Nothing is left but your radiant light
It fills my soul,heart and eyes
No blindness,that you ahve healed
No darkness,that you have concored
No fear,that you have banished
Just you and me
me and you
And as utopia unfolds
We are together
A last breath,I fall into your arms
And lay there forever.