i asked you by Willow Thyme

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your there in the high school corridor
ive always fancied you
questions ive been dieing to ask are there to be answered
so i walks up to you,more confident than ever
and i asked you'do you think im pretty?'
you said no
i asked you'have you ever fancied me?'
you said no
i ask you'if i turned and walk away now would you be sad?'
you said no
i turn and walked away as tears rolled down my cheeks
you grabbed my arm and turned me so i faced you
you said'your not pretty,your beautiful'
you said'ive never fancied you,ive always loved you'
you said'if you walked away now i would DIE!'
they walked away with each other,hand in hand
into a world full of love,possiblities + beauty