i wanna by Willow Thyme

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I’ll be there when ur sleeping
And every hour your awake,
I wanna hear your secrets,
Wanna share ur worries,
Wanna go the deepest,
Don’t wanna hurry

I wanna take a lifetime
To memorise your face,
Wanna hold ya closer,
Kiss ya longer,
Wanna hear ur heart beat,
Stronger and stronger.

Every feel of your fingers,
Every curl of your hair,
Don’t wanna miss a minute,
Wanna be right in it,
Do everything your doing,
Go everywhere your going.

I wanna know your emotions,
I wanna taste every tear,
I wanna hear you breathing,
Feel wot your feeling,
I wanna get to know…

I wanna know you all over,
Til I know you by heart,
Gotta know you with all that I got,
I wanna know you that good,
Like no one knows you,
Wanna reach way down deep in ur mind,
I wanna know you right through,
You know I want to,
So badly it hurts all the time

I wanna know ya that good..