Loneliness by Barb Montanye Kleeman

In the silence of the night I long for companionship, I yearn for honesty and I ache for happiness.
Loneliness makes us do things that we may not necessarily do otherwise. We choose foolishly. Reaching out to people around us hoping they have changed when they have not. We ignore what is right in front of our faces because we see what we want to see instead of the truth. We believe what we are told because we need to feel wanted again.
The night brings with it all kinds of insecurities and doubts.
Those thoughts which during the day can be fought off by keeping ourselves busy. It is not enough to wish for something to happen or to try to make it so. Everything happens for a reason and we must take the time to accept what each day brings us. I believe in time we will all have our answers.
I know not why my life has turned out as it has to this point, only that I must believe it was necessary for one reason or another. I know in my head I must be patient and take one day at a time yet my soul continues to search for that one thing which has eluded me for many years, true happiness.

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