December 26th.......A day to remember by Mahendra Dhammika

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December 26th...A day to remember

You were calm as before
Not showing any hesitance
Like an innocent child...,
You were napping on the bed
Thus..babies do cry, you
But we never know when they cry
Like you.......
Suddenly you were shouting,
Screaming with anger
We never know how much it could harm
Nothing could be done to stop you
As you were the greatest creation
The creation of god,
The creation of mother nature
You were arrogant...
On that day.....
Your waves killed men
Your waves killed infants
Your waves destroyed everything
Worse than whirlwind...
You were roaming across the land
Removing every object in front of you
Oh 'TSUNAMI'..........
You are not sweet as your name