Orcish Fight Song by Mark T.

Off yer arse and grab yer spear,
Orcs is come to spread some fear!
Dark Lord sends us off to battle,
Our favorite sound is yer death rattle!

All yer heroes, Knights and Mages,
Ain't no match fer Orcish rages!
Line 'em up, we'll knock 'em down,
Then put the torch to yer stinkin' town!

Orcs got no use fer magic rings,
Wizards' staffs or swords of kings!
We knock 'em dead wit' mighty whacks,
Of rusty blade and battle axe!

Dwarven Hall or Elven Wood, or
Human castle, we gets 'em good!
They fights wit' skill 'an shows fine form
Then falls like rats to the Orcish swarm!

Chop off limb and hack off head,
Leave the day-spawn lying dead!
Then it's homeward, dripping gore,
To feast and savor spoils of war!

Char their flesh black in our cave,
Orcish bellies make their grave!
After feasting time is done,
Orcish lads seek further fun!

Captive Princess, goat or mare,
Orcs ain't picky, we don't care!
Two legs, three legs, four or more,
They ain't as bad as an Orcish whore!

So heed the Dark Lord's battle call,
Match Orc brawn 'gainst fortress wall!
March along wit' the Greenskin gangs,
The Orcish boys wit' knifesharp fangs!

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