Cupids' Arrow by Guadalupe Gonzales

Through the night you roam the street, a nubian warrior works his beat.
To talk and smile and strut your wares, "I'll do you good, but for a fare"
You caught my eye, reached out your hand, "are you in need of a strong man"?

You lifted me beyond the heights, effortlessly, with all your might.
The fire in me it burns still, I could not fight against my will.
The day you came to roost my nest, in this by far you were the best.
But then you left me all alone, my heart sojourns there where you roam.

All the day I yearn to see, my nubian warrior come to me.
No plumes or features need you wear, no other creature can compare.
Majestic warrior can't you see, what your love has done to me?
I'm filled with deepest love for you, my broken heart, what will it do?
My eyes were blessed when you I saw, a sculptures dream in all its awe.

Your harem gathers where you rest, and there you choose one from the rest.
Your muscled body in its stance, all eyes are fixed all in a trance.

And as you gather us to see, O please dear Lord let it be me.
We all inhale and wait to see, since I am old, he'll not see me.
But then in me I have a plan, I swifty run, next to him stand.
My lowered head now full of shame, "I had no chance"... "and I'm to blame".

He touched my chin to lift my head, "blame cupids arrow"........ "its you I'll bed".

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