leaving me by Shannon G

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I am a sad, tortured sole, 10 ft. in too deep,
climbing up a mountain, that now seems too steep,
you started out beside me, and helped me as I went,
but as we went along, it came to my consent,
that you were leaving me alone, in this dark, cold place,
I'd think about you more and more, it bacame worse and worse a case,
it feels like you love me, but you are leaving me here, why?,
I want to roll up in a ball, and leave myself to die,
I won't see you in the hallways, at lunch, or in encore,
I'll wonder if you've forgotten me, then the tears will start to pour,
I'l worry that you'll find someone new that you can love and laugh with more,
why are you leaving, what did I do to deserve this horrid lore,
to love and cherish you at first, I started to pretend, that you might actually want to be my friend,you were and are, but now it's more than that,
and you are leaving me on my own, except for those certain times you call me on the phone,
those calls make me happy, but when you have to hang up, I go back to being sad, not giving my thumbs up,
I've never got your picture, and doubt I ever will,
and now that you are leaving, my heart is standing still,
with fear, it is even tuning black,
I am hurting inside,
and now I notice, you are gone, and you are never coming back.