tears by Shannon G

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The salty bitter tears that run down my face, create a disturbance in my eyes,
it makes them close shut, just as a healng wound does,
but these tears are never healing,
they keep on coming, no matter how hard I fight them, they just keep coming back,
so I've learned to live with being sad,
tasting the tears, biting them back,
and slowly letting them seep out of me,
you make me happy and sad at the same time, like when I'm not with you, I'm depressed and crying,
but when I'm with you, I'm happy and smiling,
you are leaving soon, and I will once again have to deal with the pain of depression and sadness,
and once again I will have to face the burning tears, that will close my eyes yet again,
I have become so used to my tears by now, I can almost control them,
except for when I want to cry, to make things better,
they won't come out, and it hurts worse than ever,
I can't stand this insanity, of having my life, and now without you in it as often as possible,
I will die inside, rotting away,
my prisoned spirit will fade and cry,
just as I do now, a small portion of it deteriorating with each tear,
it feels like a never ending circle,
happy, sad, sad, sad,
it feels like I will never know how to enjoy life without you,
only you can stop my tears, and I hope I can stop yours, I know they're there,
I can feel it, don't try to hide them,
I have cried over you so many times,
and now my eyes are again closing,
closing till I fall into a deep slumber,
the deepest sleep of all,
dreaming of you, and only you.