A Legendary Tale by Logan Reed

A Legendary Tale

Oh, you mortal fool
You can not win this fight
You just donít have the might
Just let the Lord of Darkness Rule

Just run away
It will be okay
Donít turn back
And follow your tracks

One day a hero will come forth
The Dark Lords power,
He shall dwarf,
Leaving him to cry and cower

The world is shaking and crumbling
Just s if the heavens were rumbling
The people are dieing
While others are crying

The day of doom
Could heaven and hell be running out of room
Now all is quiet as a mouse
In every town and every house

In the Dark Lordís life how many did he slay
How many did deserve to die that day
Now evil is falling
And hell is his calling

Could it be true?
Just as the sky turn from grey to blue
Has evil really ceased to be?
Now can the people really be free

Now is this peace to the light
No more evil and darkness to fight
All the people have came out
To see what this tranquility is about

There is not a scream to be heard
Just sweet peace and the sound a passing bird
The hero was the peoples salvation
For their entire nation

But will they accept him
Or will they think of the trouble he will bring them
They cast him out
Into the desert of drought

Yet he stays clear
He is not the one to be steered
One day they will need him
But they shall not find a single hair of him
And theyíll be sorry for their sin

-Logan Reed

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