The Pain I Feel by Logan Reed

I can feel the pain,
Feel the rain, wasting away,
I donít think Iíll ever be the same,
But thereís no one else,
Thereís no one else toÖ.
No one else to blame,
I donít think Iíll ever be the same.

Wasting away, wasting away

With this pain I feel,
Losing touch of what is real,
Wishing I could make some sort of deal,
Wishing for some final meal,
As I see the breaking of the seals.
Lost the feel,
Crossed the line of what is fake and what is realÖ.

Fading away, fading away

How can people live this way,
Continue to wake up another day,
Always excuses, things to say,
How do they keep the pain and insanity at bay?

Reality fading away, dreams become reality

There allÖ.
All such fools,
Breaking the rules,
Iím asking you,
Do you know what to do?

-Logan Reed

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