Poems by Author - P

parker, mariah
"Chase After You" (Other - Romance)
"Sorry" (Other - Romance)  (5 ratings)
"Someone Stole the Glue" (Other - Romance)
"A Work in Progress" (Other - Romance)
"It Hurts to Think" (Other - Romance)  (3 ratings)
" Clouds in My Coffee and Peaches For All" (Other - Romance)  (3 ratings)
Perkins, Travis
The Yellow Box (Other)  (4 ratings)
Pernack, Brenda
Like A Rose (Fantasy)  (5 ratings)
Petersen, James
Elohim's Light (Other)  (1 rating)
Petrie, Laura
Night's Embrace (Fantasy)  (1 rating)
Poisoned (Fantasy)  (4 ratings)
Insomnia (Other)  (2 ratings)
Fool's Fairytale (Other)  (6 ratings)
Morning's Nigh (Other)  (2 ratings)
Green (Other)  (3 ratings)
Calypso (Other)  (3 ratings)
Philips, E.A.
Standing On The Sun (Science Fiction)  (1 rating)
DEATH WITCH (Fantasy)  (1 rating)
Poetry, Poetry
Poetry (Fantasy)  (3 ratings)
Powell, Raychael
Daddy, Goodbye (Fantasy)  (14 ratings)
Price, Ron
Steinbeck (Other)  (1 rating)
More on Dostoevsky (Fantasy)
Inner Demons and Newness (Other)
Province, Zanzibar
Ogre Halls (Fantasy)  (5 ratings)