Stories by Author - K

Kamal, Parvez
Sacrifice by Parvez Kamal (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
Leaving Dhaka by Parvez Kamal (Other)  (4 ratings)
Drowning by Parvez Kamal (Other)  (3 ratings)
Karnay, John
Scar Headbringer (Fantasy)  (12 ratings)
Father's Day Part 1 & 2 of 3 (Other)  (62 ratings)
Karr, John A.
Demon Chaser, (part 1) (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
Katz, Shandria
Devil's Dance (Fantasy)  (3 ratings)
MourningShadow's Bones: The true meaning of sacrifice (Fantasy)
Collar of Slaves: 1 Raiders (Fantasy)  (17 ratings)
Collar of Slaves: 1 Raiders cont (Fantasy)  (3 ratings)
MourningShadow's Bones: To know how you lead... (Fantasy)  (1 rating)
Collar of Slaves: 1 Raiders cont2 (Fantasy)  (4 ratings)
Devil's Dance: Revised (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
Kaye, Chris
To the End of the Island (Fantasy)  (5 ratings)
Kellerman, Jason
GC's: The Galactic Consultants (Science Fiction)  (3 ratings)
Kelly, Belinda
The Torgaine of Ysengarth (Fantasy)  (140 ratings)
Kelly, Nik
Hunter's Night. (Fantasy)
'Jumping' Jack Walsh (Other)
Blink (Fantasy)
Soft Target (Science Fiction)
Out of Africa... (Horror)  (1 rating)
Sway of the Succubus (Horror)  (2 ratings)
Then (Press Cuttings) (Fantasy)
To Whom It May Concern (Fantasy)  (3 ratings)
Then ... (Other)
The One That Got Away... (Science Fiction)
'City of Lincoln' (Science Fiction)
No Great Power... (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
Bete Noire (Science Fiction)
Long Weekend (Other)  (1 rating)
Headache (Science Fiction)  (1 rating)
Big Bad Bugs (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
Cutter 3619 (Science Fiction)
Kendel, Lisa
Storms at Midsummer's Eve, jumbled chapter scenes (Fantasy)
Kennrae, Mal
The Boy (Other - Romance)  (4 ratings)
Whispers (Other - Romance)  (3 ratings)
Kenny, Alford Odell
Twisted Sisters (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
Kent, Flagg
Largo Landing: Chapter One (Science Fiction)  (1 rating)
Best Wishes Ed Fury (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
Kershaw, Lee
Starkiller Jake (pt2) - Imminent Destruction (Science Fiction)  (1 rating)
Starkiller Jake (pt1) - Station Attack (Science Fiction)  (4 ratings)
Starkiller Jake (pt3) - The Serpent's Watch (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
Keyes, Tim
Sanctuary (Part 1) (Fantasy)
Khan, Fauzia
The Pale Yellow Girl :) (Other)  (3 ratings)
King, C.
The War of the Paths (Science Fiction)  (3 ratings)
Alfonso (Science Fiction)
Character Profiles: Interdimensional Mercenaries (Fantasy)
King, Daniel
The Orlando Tribe (Science Fiction)  (3 ratings)
Kirby, Samuel D.
Plagued Memory (Fantasy)  (1 rating)
Kitchen, Keith
Checks And Balances (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
A Gathering Of Hawks (The Damnation Of Father Andrew, Part 2) (Fantasy)
Prison (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
Fire In The Sky, Fire Down Below (The Damnation Of Father Andrew, Part 3) (Fantasy)  (1 rating)
Death Day (Science Fiction)  (7 ratings)
On The Verge Of A Dream (Fantasy)  (1 rating)
What Was Lost (Science Fiction)  (4 ratings)
Soul Catcher (Fantasy)
Projectile (Science Fiction)  (1 rating)
Falling (Science Fiction)  (4 ratings)
Interlude In "C" (The Damnation Of Father Andrew Part 4) (Fantasy)
Late Friday Night (Science Fiction)  (4 ratings)
Rescued (Science Fiction)  (4 ratings)
Lack Of Communication (Science Fiction)  (4 ratings)
....And Into The Fire (Human, Part 2) (Science Fiction)
Thanks Are In Order (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
Coins (Science Fiction)  (3 ratings)
The Old Lady Next Door (Fantasy)  (5 ratings)
Discovery (Science Fiction)  (4 ratings)
Time Well Spent (Science Fiction)  (6 ratings)
Things Are Not As They Appear (Fantasy)
The Eagle Tattoo (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
Our Time Has Come (Science Fiction)  (1 rating)
The Glass Eye (Horror)
Child of God, Devil's Companion (Fantasy)  (1 rating)
The Crossing (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
The Planet (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
Now I've Got You (Horror)  (8 ratings)
The Creators (Fantasy)  (3 ratings)
Out Of The Frying Pan (Human, Part 1) (Science Fiction)  (3 ratings)
Earth In Hell (The Damnation Of Father Andrew Part 5) (Fantasy)
The Damnation Of Father Andrew (Horror)  (3 ratings)
Oops! (Science Fiction)
Kitson, James
Sitting on the edge of the abyss (Science Fiction)  (3 ratings)
Robot Dreams (Science Fiction)  (10 ratings)
Kitt, Shane
Legends of Elmar: A Worthy Foe (Fantasy)  (5 ratings)
Knolltrey, Shane
The Tweaker (Horror)  (3 ratings)
Parable of the Weeds (Science Fiction)  (9 ratings)
Koonce, Todd
Assassin's Target (Fantasy)  (10 ratings)
kreep, b-
A Life (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
Kresch, Tyler
The Return (Fantasy)  (6 ratings)
Krystofolski, Anthony
The Dream-Quest of my Life Part 1 (Horror)  (1 rating)
The Dream-Quest of my Life Part 2 (Horror)  (3 ratings)
Kulp, Fr.Thomas
Angel: Chapters 9 & 10 (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
Angel, Chapters: 1 & 2 (Fantasy)  (6 ratings)
Nightmare Cavern, Chapters: 3 & 4 (Fantasy)  (7 ratings)
Angel: Chapters 7 & 8 (Fantasy)  (3 ratings)
Nightmare Cavern, Chapters: 5 & 6 (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
Angel: Chapters 5 & 6 (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
Nightmare Cavern, Chapters: 1 & 2 (Fantasy)  (3 ratings)
Angel: Chapters 13 &14 (Fantasy)  (3 ratings)
Angel: Chapters 11 & 12 (Fantasy)  (3 ratings)
Angel: Chapters 3 & 4 (Fantasy)  (3 ratings)
Kumari, Manisha
Good Luck! (Other)  (29 ratings)
Kurniawan, Afdel
This is my life (Other)  (2 ratings)
Being some... (Other)  (2 ratings)
Kurt, John
The Bastard Son (Fantasy)  (12 ratings)
Kuzminski, David
Shadow Warrior (Fantasy)  (1 rating)