Stories by Author - L

L, James
Stormcaller: Prologue (Fantasy)  (4 ratings)
The Order of Midnight (Prologue) (Fantasy)  (6 ratings)
L., Rich
Untitled (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
Lambert, Alistair
Skyler - The Beginning (Fantasy)  (11 ratings)
Lamon, Donald
Flathead (Horror)  (5 ratings)
Lancealot, Emilio
Morgue (Other)  (13 ratings)
Landers, R.
Migrations (Other)  (5 ratings)
Landis, Barry
Dinky Stinkfinger and the Haunted Daruma, by Soft Fluffy Bunnys. (Fantasy)  (5 ratings)
langford, robert
Fate (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
Lanni, Jordan
Balthazar's Legacy (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
The Valley of Hebhaz (Science Fiction)
Zelboun (Science Fiction)
Larsen, Rose
The Bus Stop (Horror)  (5 ratings)
Laslo, Theodore
Some Knights Are Longer Than Others (Fantasy)  (4 ratings)
Lawrence, Andrew
Stark Desolation. (Science Fiction)  (4 ratings)
Lawson, Jesse
C.A.I.N. - Chapters 1 - 4 (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
C.A.I.N. - Chapters 5 - 7 (Science Fiction)  (3 ratings)
Le Fay, Morgan
In the Patches of Gray (Fantasy)  (9 ratings)
In The Patches of Gray : Chapter 2 (Horror)  (4 ratings)
lee, james
Flight or Birth, title in progress (Fantasy)  (1 rating)
Lee, Jeremy
Dragon's Eye (Fantasy)  (3 ratings)
Sword of Olivia (Fantasy)  (6 ratings)
The Shadow's War (Fantasy)  (12 ratings)
Leggiz, Angus
"The Karamaz Tomb" [Chapter 6 - ?] (Fantasy) ()
"The Karamaz Tomb" [Chapters 1-5] (Fantasy) ()  (4 ratings)
"The Karamaz Tomb" [Excerpts] (Fantasy) ()  (4 ratings)
Leone, Sofia
Migraine (Other)  (3 ratings)
Li, Jack
The End: Part One (Science Fiction)  (3 ratings)
Liao, Joyce
Soulweaver (Fantasy)  (5 ratings)
Lichtenberg, Tom
Deadline (Horror)  (10 ratings)
Phantom of the Mall (Science Fiction)  (1 rating)
Lilly, Andrew
Deus ex machina (Fantasy)
Behemoth got soul (Fantasy)  (1 rating)
The games people play (Other)  (1 rating)
Death of a Salesman (Other)  (3 ratings)
Lillycrop, Martine
Persona (Opening Chapters) (Science Fiction)  (1 rating)
linville, jeff
Sentari Rising - Chapter 1 (Fantasy)
Lister, Paul
A Controlled Response (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
At Second Sight (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
Little, Tiffany
Outside the inn WIP (Fantasy)  (4 ratings)
Teen Trash (Other)  (15 ratings)
A Sad Case (Other)  (6 ratings)
Llewellyn, Jonathan
The Judge of St. Kinnian (Fantasy)  (5 ratings)
Captain Hiscock's 27th Wrestling Tournament (Science Fiction)  (1 rating)
Lost in the Night (Fantasy)  (4 ratings)
Lloyd, William
Train Journey, 2065 (?) (Science Fiction)
The Intellect is Aflame (?) (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
LLS, Leon
Transformable Robot Series- Beginning. (Science Fiction)
Transformable Robot Series- Cybertron (Science Fiction)
Transformable Robot Series- Kal-El landed. (Science Fiction)
Transformable Robot Series- Era 1 (Science Fiction)  (1 rating)
Transformable Robot Series- The arrival. (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
Lock, Bob
The Sweepstake (Science Fiction)  (4 ratings)
The Dirty Washing Monster! (Horror)  (3 ratings)
Arowin's Return (Flash Fiction The Return Contest) (Fantasy)  (5 ratings)
So much for the element of suprise (Science Fiction)  (4 ratings)
Looney, Matthew
Soulless (Fantasy)  (3 ratings)
Lopez, Lori
Next Door (Horror)  (1 rating)
Nevermore: A Fairytale Tribute To Princess Diana (Fantasy)  (1 rating)
Tome One, Dance Of The Chupacabras (Excerpt) (Horror)  (3 ratings)
Lopez, Rafael
Opon-Hul (Fantasy)
Loveless, Alex
Swansong (Science Fiction)  (1 rating)
The Vulture (Fantasy)  (3 ratings)
Luna, Kevin
The boy's sleeping bag (Other)  (6 ratings)
a boy is in the sleeping bag (Other)  (6 ratings)
Lupus, Thomas
The Child in Silver (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
Grave Danger (Fantasy)  (1 rating)
Lurrec, Taramoc
The War Within - A prologue (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
The War Within - Chapter 2 (Fantasy)
Leap of Faith (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
Lutz, Russell
Fall (Science Fiction)  (96 ratings)
Lyndon, jon
“To Miss Something” (Science Fiction)  (12 ratings)
"famous Nietzsche quote." (Fantasy)  (6 ratings)
The Laundromatte on Dali Boulevard (Fantasy)  (12 ratings)
I Should’ve Gone West (Science Fiction)  (1 rating)
The Hunter (Horror)  (2 ratings)