Stories by Author - S

Saastamoinen, Mati
Hallway (Other)  (2 ratings)
Sagmiller, Dan
The Return... (Fantasy)  (5 ratings)
Cycle of Death, another life... (Horror)  (9 ratings)
Sakina, Natalia
Queen of the World (Other)  (2 ratings)
Salen, Maxwell
The End (Fantasy)
The Prodigal (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
A ton of lead (Fantasy)  (9 ratings)
Sandal, Catrine
Legends I - The Creation of Ayamar, part II (Fantasy)  (1 rating)
Legends I - The Creation of Ayamar, part I (Fantasy)  (1 rating)
Sanmugathasan, Kumaran
Oziin (Science Fiction)  (15 ratings)
Santiago, Ken
Tombs, Crypts and a Walk in the Cemetery (Horror)  (12 ratings)
Gloomy Bathroom (Horror)  (13 ratings)
Savage, John
A Failed Task (Science Fiction)  (7 ratings)
Sayedi, Arash
The Last Firewings (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
One with the Stars (Science Fiction)  (3 ratings)
Meeting With Destiny (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
Schippers, D A
A Gray Hack: Blitzer (Science Fiction)  (1 rating)
A Gray Hack: Versatech Part III (Science Fiction)  (1 rating)
Cleveland Memorial Hospital (Horror)  (2 ratings)
A Gray Hack: Versatech Part V (Science Fiction)  (1 rating)
A Gray Hack: Versatech Part VII (Science Fiction)  (1 rating)
A Gray Hack: Escape (Science Fiction)  (3 ratings)
A Gray Hack: Versatech Part II (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
A Gray Hack: Versatech Part IV (Science Fiction)  (1 rating)
A Gray Hack: Versatech Part VI (Fantasy)  (1 rating)
The Marmoriska (Horror)  (1 rating)
A Gray Hack: Versatech Part VIII-Conclusion (Science Fiction)  (1 rating)
A Gray Hack: Versatech Part I (Science Fiction)  (4 ratings)
Schlaack, R.
Cuckoo (Science Fiction)  (5 ratings)
The Pool (Horror)  (2 ratings)
Poor John (Other)  (2 ratings)
Don't Spoil Your Lunch (Horror)  (4 ratings)
The Lord of the Flies (Horror)  (1 rating)
Zoo (Science Fiction)  (3 ratings)
Locusts (Horror)
The Burning Plains - Chapter 2 (Science Fiction)  (1 rating)
Milk (Horror)  (1 rating)
The Problem (Science Fiction)  (3 ratings)
Mindscream (Horror)  (1 rating)
A Rotten Piece of Luck (Horror)  (2 ratings)
The Burning Plains - Chapter 1 (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
The Big One (Horror)  (2 ratings)
Fly in the Ointment (Horror)  (2 ratings)
The Show (Horror)  (2 ratings)
The Burning Plains - Chapter 3 (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
And What Then? (Science Fiction)  (5 ratings)
Scholes, David
The Young/Old War (aka the rise (and rise) of Grey Power) (Science Fiction)
New Beginning (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
Easy Meat (Science Fiction)  (3 ratings)
A Previously Untold Tale - the Battle for Asgard (Science Fiction)
Battle at Time's End (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
Visitor 51347 (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
The Intervention (Science Fiction)  (3 ratings)
The Streamers (Science Fiction)
Unwelcome Visitor (Science Fiction)  (6 ratings)
Inevitable Confrontation (Science Fiction)
The Stone Edifice (Fantasy)  (3 ratings)
Succession (Science Fiction)  (3 ratings)
Dangerous Journey (Science Fiction)  (10 ratings)
Thuurle (Science Fiction)
Hired Guns! (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
Crisis over Suez (alternate history) (Other)  (4 ratings)
Odinforce! (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
Treldron (Science Fiction)
The Visit (Science Fiction)  (3 ratings)
A Greater Britain? (part 2 and final) (Other)
Surprise Attack! (Science Fiction)  (7 ratings)
The Safest Place in the Universe (Science Fiction)  (5 ratings)
The Battle of London (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
Aftermath (Science Fiction)
The Asgard Anomaly (Science Fiction)
Soldier of the Brell (Science Fiction)  (4 ratings)
The Passenger(s) in Aisle Seat 18B (Science Fiction)  (3 ratings)
Prisoner of Empire (Science Fiction)
Task Force to Earth XXX (Science Fiction)
Ultimate Protector (Science Fiction)  (1 rating)
The Infinity Platform (Science Fiction)  (3 ratings)
Orin (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
The Ship (Science Fiction)  (4 ratings)
After the Storm (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
Unprovoked Attack (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
A Greater Britain? (the post war years until the present) (Other)  (1 rating)
A Greater Britain? (part 1) (Other)  (1 rating)
Internet Writer (Fantasy)  (3 ratings)
The Convergence (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
Schultz, R.R.
The Merchant and the Minstrel – Chapter 1 (Fantasy)  (1 rating)
The Comet Knight - Chapter 1 (Science Fiction)
Schupp, Alex
Alien Invasion of Airstrip One (Science Fiction)  (6 ratings)
Scott, Cody
Modern War Story: Chapter One (Other)  (9 ratings)
The Buljairan War Chap. 3 (Science Fiction)
The Buljarian War (lame title, read anyways) (Fantasy)  (1 rating)
sébastien, Alexandre
The Demon Diary (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
Seeberger, Benjamin
The Heaven-Falling Wolf (Fantasy)  (4 ratings)
Sema, Yeroc
The Master, the Man, and the Maniac (Horror)  (1 rating)
Seri, Joe
Death, Love, and Some Guy (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
Serido, Nick
The Architect (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
Shadowwood, Steven
Matt and Amelia - Chapter 2 (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
Matt and Amelia - Chapter 1 (Fantasy)
Sharp, Liam
Amongst the Trees (Horror)  (4 ratings)
Shaw, Alexander
Lockdown - 18 (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
Lockdown - 36 (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
Lockdown - 43 (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
Lockdown - 45 (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
Lockdown - 20 (Science Fiction)  (5 ratings)
Lockdown - 13 (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
Lockdown - 17 (Science Fiction)  (1 rating)
Lockdown - 47 (Science Fiction)  (1 rating)
Lockdown - 02 (Science Fiction)  (3 ratings)
Lockdown - 15 (Science Fiction)  (5 ratings)
Lockdown - Intro (Science Fiction)  (7 ratings)
Lockdown - 38 (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
Lockdown - 52 (Science Fiction)
Cameron Torch Ltd (1.01) (Horror)  (3 ratings)
Lockdown - 35 (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
Lockdown - 09 (Science Fiction)  (3 ratings)
Lockdown - 39 (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
Lockdown - 49 (Science Fiction)
Lockdown - 54 (Science Fiction)  (3 ratings)
Lockdown - 11 (Science Fiction)  (6 ratings)
Lockdown - 34 (Science Fiction)  (3 ratings)
Lockdown - 19 (Science Fiction)  (1 rating)
Lockdown - 04 (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
Lockdown - 48 (Science Fiction)
Lockdown - 12 (Science Fiction)  (3 ratings)
Lockdown - 06 (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
Lockdown - 31 (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
Lockdown - 40 (Science Fiction)  (3 ratings)
Lockdown - 50 (Science Fiction)  (3 ratings)
Lockdown - 37 (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
Lockdown - 44 (Science Fiction)  (1 rating)
Lockdown - 08 (Science Fiction)  (5 ratings)
Lockdown - 42 (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
Lockdown - 07 (Science Fiction)  (4 ratings)
Lockdown - 01 (Science Fiction)  (3 ratings)
Lockdown - 32 (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
Lockdown - 51 (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
Lockdown - 05 (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
Lockdown - 14 (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
Lockdown - 53 (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
Lockdown - 46 (Science Fiction)  (4 ratings)
Lockdown - 03 (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
Lockdown - 10 (Science Fiction)  (1 rating)
Lockdown - 33 (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
Lockdown - 41 (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
Lockdown - 16 (Science Fiction)  (3 ratings)
Shaw, Erin
Feeling the Calm (Other)  (3 ratings)
Shea, Kim
Home (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
Shenoy, G
Those smiling eyes... (Other)  (4 ratings)
Gone With The Wind (Other - Romance)  (1 rating)
Ek Din Achanak... (Other)  (3 ratings)
Little Men (Other)  (1 rating)
Reminiscences of ‘Scents’ (Other)  (3 ratings)
Sherer, J
Episode 1 - (Science Fiction)
Episode 7, Installment 2 - (Science Fiction)
Episode 5, Installment 3 - (Science Fiction)
Episode 3 - (Science Fiction)
Episode 6, Installment 2 - (Science Fiction)
Episode 5, Installment 1 - (Science Fiction)
Episode 5, Installment 2 - (Science Fiction)
Episode 2 - (Science Fiction)
Episode 4 - (Science Fiction)
Episode 6, Installment 1 - (Science Fiction)
Episode 7, Installment 1 - (Science Fiction)
Shieh, Henry
Swords of the West (temp title) (Fantasy)  (3 ratings)
Shinn, Stephen
Breakdown (Science Fiction)  (4 ratings)
Hero - Armor's Tale (Science Fiction)  (7 ratings)
Shuler Sr., Michael J.
Black Wing (Science Fiction)  (17 ratings)
Tag (Fantasy)  (7 ratings)
Siddiqui, Azzam
The Wardrons (Fantasy)  (5 ratings)
Ruminations of Exor (Fantasy)  (1 rating)
Silva, Ulises
The Mourning Syndrome (Science Fiction)  (7 ratings)
Simonson, Kirk
Tierra del Fuego: Land of Fire (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
A Hero (Fantasy)  (1 rating)
singer, nathan
love is what makes happiness (Science Fiction)  (3 ratings)
Singleton, Claire
What Happened When Anton Lost his Photons (Science Fiction)  (6 ratings)
Sjöstrand, Martin
Restoration of the deathless (Fantasy)  (4 ratings)
Restoration of the deathless (part I) (Fantasy)
Restoration of the deathless (part III) (Fantasy)  (1 rating)
Restoration of the deathless (part II) (Fantasy)  (1 rating)
Slattery, Mickey
The Killer (Science Fiction)  (9 ratings)
Slayer, Nic
Proper Bastard (Fantasy)  (4 ratings)
Smith, Alan
Experiment in Madness (Other)
Smith, Christopher
Prologue to Children of Oblivion (Fantasy)
Smith, Cycy
Long Way Home (Fantasy)  (7 ratings)
Spirals (Other)  (1 rating)
A Witch's Choice; Part 1 (Fantasy)  (3 ratings)
Dancing With Glitter in Your Hair (Other - Romance)  (5 ratings)
Confessions (Horror)  (5 ratings)
Lost Time (Other)  (6 ratings)
A Witch's Choice; Part 2 (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
The Yellow Flower (Other)  (8 ratings)
Pass It On (Horror)  (12 ratings)
These Bones (Horror)  (3 ratings)
The Hidden People (Fantasy)  (12 ratings)
Absolute Abandonment (Other)  (5 ratings)
Upon a Funeral Pyre (Fantasy)  (3 ratings)
Bring on the Night (Other)  (1 rating)
Mirror Image (Horror)  (5 ratings)
The Pied Pipers of Ipswich (Fantasy)
The Miles Between Us (Other)  (2 ratings)
Smith, Edwina
The Last Furione - Chapter 1 (Fantasy)  (6 ratings)
The Last Furione - Chapter 6 (Fantasy)  (3 ratings)
The Last Furione - Chapter 8 (Fantasy)  (3 ratings)
The Last Furione - Chapter 2 (Fantasy)  (5 ratings)
The Last Furione - Chapter 10 (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
The Last Furione - Chapter 5 (Fantasy)  (4 ratings)
The Last Furione - Chapter 7 (Fantasy)  (5 ratings)
The Last Furione - Chapter 3 (Fantasy)  (4 ratings)
The Last Furione - Chapter 9 (Fantasy)  (3 ratings)
The Last Furione - Chapter 4 (Fantasy)  (3 ratings)
Smith, Ian
Worm (Science Fiction)
I've Got Your Number (Science Fiction)  (4 ratings)
Snakes (Other)  (3 ratings)
The Color Channel (Other)  (1 rating)
Mass Trans (Science Fiction)  (1 rating)
Hold-Out (Science Fiction)  (1 rating)
Bute St. Conversation (Other)
Convenience Store (Other)  (2 ratings)
Snodgrass, Heston H.
My Generation is F'ed. (Other)  (3 ratings)
Do You Like Music? Part 2 (Other)
2. Biblical Failure (Part One) (Science Fiction)
Centaur 1 (Science Fiction)
Do You Like Music? Part 1 (Other)
Do You Like Music? Part 3 (Other)
1. A Sharper Lynch (Science Fiction)  (3 ratings)
Snyder, K. D.
Excerpt from "Destiny Feared" Trilogy (Fantasy)  (1 rating)
Sohn, S.
Let's Make A Deal (Other)  (1 rating)
Somers, James
The Meeting (Horror)  (1 rating)
The Silent Cry (Horror)  (3 ratings)
A WORLD WITHIN (Fantasy)  (5 ratings)
South, Steven
The Rise of the Queen-Chapter 1 (Fantasy)
The Rise of the Queen-Chapter 1 (Fantasy)  (1 rating)
Spade, Colin
Crow: the Wrong Believer chapter 2 (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
The Legends of Fed Drappel: The Triumphs (history) (Fantasy)  (6 ratings)
Crow: the Wrong Believer chapter 3 (Fantasy)  (1 rating)
Crow: the wrong believer Chapter one (Fantasy)  (1 rating)
History of the Dalephians (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
Crow the Wrong Believer chapter 5 (Fantasy)  (1 rating)
The Legends of Fed Drappel:Chapter 1 (Fantasy)  (4 ratings)
Soul Eater (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
the legends of Fed Drappel: prologue (Fantasy)  (3 ratings)
Crow: The Wrong Believer chapter 4 (Fantasy)  (1 rating)
Soul Eater (edited version) (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
Sparks, Steve
The Life Expectancy of Chocolate (Other)  (2 ratings)
A Storm Within (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
Spitzer, Wayne
"That Thing We Killed" (Horror)  (13 ratings)
Squires, Justin Thomas
Welcome (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
Th Pond and it's Dweller (Horror)  (4 ratings)
The Impending Darkness (Horror)  (2 ratings)
The Demon's Mutter (Horror)  (3 ratings)
Squires, Robert
Immortal Passage (Science Fiction)  (1 rating)
Squires, Ryan Mason
Vanes Journey (Fantasy)  (5 ratings)
Squires, Scott Allen
Salt Mines - Short Story (Horror)  (7 ratings)
Staiger, David
The Last Paladin: Chapter Two (Fantasy)  (6 ratings)
The Last Paladin: Chapter Three (Fantasy)  (3 ratings)
The Karthian, part I (Fantasy)  (4 ratings)
The Karthian, part IV (Fantasy)  (5 ratings)
The Last Paladin: Chapter One (Fantasy)  (6 ratings)
The Karthian, part III (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
The Karthian, part II (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
staten, lavena
Shred it to Pieces (Other)  (22 ratings)
Stavros, Ernie
Only Human (working title) - Ch 1 (Science Fiction)  (6 ratings)
Stein, Richard
Rilakles (Fantasy)  (1 rating)
Broken (Other)  (4 ratings)
Stevens, Anthony
Chronicles of Oxanu - James Matthew Dexter (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
Stoddart, Scott
If You're Happy And You Know It (Horror)
Stone, Anne
Arm's Race (Science Fiction)  (3 ratings)
Stott, Marc
Frequencies (Fantasy)
Isis Maxis, Investie not for Hire(part 1) (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
Stott, Marcus
Mirrorball Chap1 part 1 (Fantasy)
Strauch, Amy
Ask Me Not (Fantasy)
Stravinsky, Carlos
Exo-helmut (Science Fiction)  (1 rating)
Stull, Graham
The Settlement (Fantasy)  (15 ratings)
The Body Politic (Science Fiction)  (5 ratings)
Suarez, Angel
A Foul Wind Blows (Fantasy)  (1 rating)
A Dance of Spears (Fantasy)  (3 ratings)
Suhail, Obed
The Awakening (Fantasy)  (6 ratings)
Sullivan, Meghan
The Owl and The Eagle: Aristonice (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
The Owl and The Eagle: Salamis (Fantasy)  (2 ratings)
Diary of a Neurotic Vampire (Fantasy)  (5 ratings)
Elven Strike! Chapter 1 (Fantasy)  (19 ratings)
Summersby, Nathan
Damsel & the last berserker: Soulstone (Fantasy)  (9 ratings)
Sutton, Allen
A King's Quest (Fantasy)  (26 ratings)
Suzan, Louise
The Silver Box (Fantasy)  (5 ratings)
Bleeding in the Sand (Fantasy)  (3 ratings)
Suzuhara, Sammy
Rune and Dmitri. 2/2 (Fantasy)
Rune and Dmitri. 1/2 (Science Fiction)  (2 ratings)
Swanne, Kathryn
The End (Fantasy)  (1 rating)
Swietek, Michael
Iliad, prologue (Fantasy)  (10 ratings)
Illiad - pounding hooves (Other)  (1 rating)