Shooting Birds by M. B. Barlow

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SUMMARY: A story of the sky pirates in the world of Deus.

An airship can be hard to spot, and Captain Avventura knew that more than most other pirates of the skies. Land machina can shot you down easily, like shooting birds from the sky, but when you can barely see the target without squinting then you're pretty much free with the sky. The only bad point with it being the lack of air, so the crew had to stay indoors at all times, which was a damn shame with the beautiful sights from the deck. But they were tough feskers with lungs the size of mountains. They could handle it.
They had gotten news of a rich family, possibly royal, that were flying through this area of sky and they were not expecting visitors. Avventura was going to give them some.
‘How far off are they?' he asked.
‘Five miles,' replied Gotoo who was staring at the sensor screen where a large – far larger than the Redfly – airship was blinking at the corner. It was nearly here.
‘Good,' Avventura said, and twirled around in his arrogant captain's chair, biting through the Tumpik stick loudly. This was a common sight for the Redfly crew but he was never this excited, he was just mellow with happiness usually. But today, ah, it was a wonderful day. The cira was shining in the sky and he was getting some action that he hadn't had in weeks, and he was ready for it. And to be this wealthy, that was different. Their cellar was stuffed with gold and silver, and all kinds of currency, but this ship coming near to their location was extra special. This was a big ship with big amounts of money to fit his big expectations. He loved money, he loved spending money and owning things. He loved – really was obsessed – with gold. Much of his clothes were gold and silver, depending on his mood. His ship, for it was his ship now, was draped in jewellery of gold and silver, to look like the enormous metal ship version of himself, of the great Captain Avventura. His chair was gold and there was little that wasn't gold.
The Redfly wasn't red, and no one knew why it was called that, but they reallt didn't care anyway.
Images of all the jewellery he would have from this invasion, necklaces and rings hanging from him as he laughed and laughed. He was drooling just thinking about it.
He finished his Tumpik stick and told little Peps to get him a drink, and she ran away quickly. Avventura laughed.
It would be a good day.
He was wearing his special suit he'd ransacked from some ship years ago, the one he'd been so proud of; the silver one with fur around the collar with the matching wide-brimmed hat. The one he looked damn sexy in.
‘Thank you,' he said to Peps who waddled off somewhere, Avventura didn't care where the crew headed as long as it wasn't in his direction where he would have to constantly see them over and over again until his head exploded. He preferred his crew invisible.
‘Can you tell them to hurry up?' he shouted.
‘Sir, I can't,' said Gotoo watching the ship blink.
‘Ah, damn, I just want to get on that ship and take it apart.'
‘But we're not taking the ship itself?'
‘Nah, don't need it.

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