The Genius I Was by Travis Perkins

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SUMMARY: This is a story I wrote about 10 years ago as a student. I really wrote it just for my 3 best friends. Hope you enjoy.

The Genius I Was
It had been cloudy and raining on and off for about two weeks now, but Frank didn't mind. He loved the rain and how it smelled as he walked down the roads of his village to Mr. Livingston's house. The wind, however, had been blowing and Frank was about to go insane from the whistling sounds when it roared passed the trees in front of his house.
He had been waiting for a long time now. He thought his friends were coming over, at least they said they would be over in ten minutes or so, but nobody had shown up. He didn't mind though, he loved to wait; he thought that if you discipline yourself enough then you'll be a real man and nothing could hurt you. What John didn't know was that while he waited his friends were down just a block and around the corner talking to Mr. Livingston.
Whenever John thought about Mr. Livingston he remembered the tale Mr. Reader told him once. Mr. Reader was a middle aged man that had a lot on his mind. He always told John stored about the time he was in the Vietnam War, and how he could smell the bodies that were burning away while the American jets napalmed the place to ashes. Of all his stories the only one that ever caught hold of John was the tale of the Three Scientist.
Anytime John was faced with a situation in which he couldn't think of a decisive action he would refer to the time when Mr. Reader told him about the three scientist of Kilmarnock. They always had ideas and answers to any question you could muster up. The story took place one- hundred and twenty years ago in the very village that they lived in today. Three men, that had helped build the first train in Scotland, had the idea that there was a device that could make anyone who wore it become smarter. John believed this story but the ending was not satisfying. The three scientists all died before they could try it out.
John's friends laughed when ever they heard this story, and to make it even worse for John they told him that the idea was impossible. This is when John decided it was time to get new friends. Right as John thought that his mother came in the room and told John that their dad had bought a farm in a village near Kilmarnock.
John was so excited that he started packing has bags right there and then, even though his mom told him that they weren't going to leave for another month or month and a half. But, John knew that he would find some friends that would help him in his quest to build the "machine that makes you smarter". He would call it the Mathamys.
Just a little tap on his side with my elbow is all it would take. Rand thought to himself as they stood in the front door of Mr. Readers' listening to him go on about how good his wife had been to everyone.
"Yes, Mr. Livingston, we know you already told us that," you could tell Frank was getting upset and just wanted to hurry over to John's.
"We had better be off now, we don't want to keep John waiting do we Frank," Rand's thoughts of tapping had ceased now and he wanted to go to John's and get started on the mathamys.
"Yeah, well see ya' later Mr.

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