The Sirens Song by Angel Melendez

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He didn't mope and he wasn't rude or whiny like most adolescents his age. He was just indifferent to most things. Including his parents.
They noticed Jonas' mood and discussed it privately on several occasions. Did he lack friends? A baby brother or sister? A therapist?
When they tried approaching the subject of his happiness or perhaps lack thereof, Jonas smiled and waved them off.
"It's nothing. I'm ok. Really." That was all they could pry from him.
Jonas himself knew he should be in fantastic spirits. He had wonderful loving parents and he lived next the place he truly loved. The ocean. His second home.
Or was it? He thought one day.
It was equivalent to a mini epiphany that came over Jonas one evening. It happened while he was sitting on his bed reading a book he didn't understand or care for. Jonas brought his head up and directed his eyes to look out towards the ocean.
He was thinking that maybe the answer lay out there. Past the waves somehow was his happiness.
That's when he saw her. A girl about his age, 13 or 14, was floating in the water. She was smiling and waving at him. At him!
Jonas threw his book down and ran to the windowpane. She was a blurry light out against the darkness of the night. His body shook with urgency. He had to get a closer look.
Jonas unlatched the lock on the window and slid it up. Dressed only in his boxers, he climbed out and scaled the side of the house. He was nearly twenty feet up but didn't give it a second thought when he jumped.
He came down hard but rolled some to soften the impact. Jonas came out of the roll running. He splashed head first into the water diving like his dad had shown him.
He popped his head up from under water immediately searching for the girl. She was gone.
"Hey, where did you go?"
From the corner of his eye he spotted movement. He looked to his right and saw the girl duck under a wave. He started swimming frantically towards her. All the while he moved deeper into the ocean. The surf was getting rougher and an undercurrent tackled Jonas, tossing him about.
He managed to reach the spot where she had been but she was gone again. Suddenly a wave knocked him back and he was under water again. Attempting to regain his sense of up and down, his foot scraped the edge of a rock below. Pain shot through his leg. He yelled but only bubbles and a garbled sound escaped through the salty water.
Jonas was instantly very aware how frigid the water was. He was struggling to swim back to shore but was getting very tired. He started to sink.
Something grabbed his leg from beneath the water. Jonas screamed again. This time his head was above water and his cry was very audible. Then he heard a voice shouting over his:
"Stop struggling son! You're going to drown us both!"
It was his dad, Marcus. Jonas felt relief wash over him. His dad couldn't have had better timing. His body was exhausted and he couldn't have swum another inch.
Marcus shouldered his boy and brought him safely back to shore. Upon reaching land, Marcus looked into Jonas' eyes and said:
"What the hell were you doing Jonas?"
Jonas looked at his father and for a moment thought of fabricating a cover up.

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