The Cookie Jar by Angel Melendez

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He lay on the ground struggling and twisting. His eyes were tightly shut and he flailed at the air. He repeatedly screamed: "Don't eat me!"
A stranger dropped to their knees and shook him violently to arouse him from his nightmare.
"Wake up, mate! Wake up!"
He sat up in alarm at the rude awakening. He looked around to make sure he wasn't in his dream anymore. It was dim inside this room. The only light descended from a crescent shaped opening above him.
His savior spoke to him softly with deep concern in his voice.
"Are you all right mate?"
"Yeah, sure. I was having a bloody awful nightmare."
"What about?"
"Well, I dreamt that I was trapped inside a gigantic cookie jar and couldn't escape. Next thing I knew, an enormous hand swooped down, snatched me up and was in the process of eating me whole. That's when you woke me up. Thanks."
"Er, no problem. But I have to tell you something you might not want to hear."
"What is it?"
"That weren't no dream mate."
"I don't understand. What do you mean?"
"You are in a gigantic cookie jar."
Again he surveyed his surroundings but still couldn't make out any details. He had only logic as his sole defense.
"It's true. We are most definitely stuck in this here cookie jar. Furthermore, it shouldn't come as any shock to you; this is where you're meant to be."
"Why the hell should I be in a cookie jar?"
"Why else? You're a cookie."
"Are you off you're block? I am not a cookie; I am flesh and blood. I'm a man! Why would you say something like that?"
"It's nothing to get upset about man. I'm a cookie too. We all are. You just think you're a person. It's all in you mind."
"Well at least one of us is in our minds. Listen, we are not cookies. I am a person and you are a person. Human beings. I can see it with my eyes."
"Sorry chap, it's only in your mind like I said. You are in a deep state of denial. You're having delusions. See let me explain it to you this way. If you believed you were a lizard then took a look at me, someone you view as an equal, you would imagine I was a lizard as well even if I wasn't."
"So wait, what you're saying is that I'm a cookie who dreamt they were a man trapped inside a cookie jar?"
"Yes, but don't sell yourself short. You're not just a cookie. You're a chocolate chip cookie."
"Really, now I'm fucking thrilled. What's your name by chance?"
"Of course. Let me guess, you're a chocolate chip cookie as well?"
"Almost. I have walnuts too."
"Yeah, you're certainly nutty."
"Hey, make all the jokes you want to but I'm only here to help."
"Help how? By making me crazy too?"
"No. Obviously you're having a hard time with this and I'm trying to get you accustomed to the idea. To your fate."
"What's my fate?"
"To make one kid very eating you."
"Ohhhh, no. Listen, Chip, I...wait, if you have a name, then what's mine?"
"I don't know. You tell me."
"Larry? Larry the chocolate chip cookie?"
"It's better than Chip, the chocolate chip cookie. It's bit redundant, don't you think? Anyway, the point I was getting to earlier Chip is that no one is going to eat me.

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