Run by Willow Thyme

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SUMMARY: short horror extract(i wrote it).about a girl in her late teens who has fallen in love with a vampire,then finds out what he is + he is hunting her down to turn her so they can rule the world of the night together.

The wind howled wildly as the glowing orb hung silently on the sheet of black silk.Below it a war was raging.A merciless,brutal,unnatural war doomed to be fought for eternaty.
Jez was running.Running like her life depended on it...because it did.Someone,or something,was after her,chasing her,stalking her down like a preditor does its prey.And it was hidious.It was unholy,an evil...thing.It's teeth were pointed and looked as if they could rip apart anything.Skin as white as snow and those eyes,oh how they scared Jez.They made her soul quiver with fear.They were so strange and evil,but so enticing and hypnotic.Yet even though he was evil,dangerous and fearsome,he was amazingly beautiful.Such beauty didn't exist.Such beauty should be illegal.The creature had the face of an angel,but had the soul(if he even had one)of the devil.
She had known him.She known how his long,dark hair fell over his eyes when he leaned over something.Or how he chuckled at the strangest of things.How he had the most amazing reflexes and how he knew the smallest of things in history.But now none of that mattered;now all that mattered was to get away from the angel she had onced loved.
Jez kept on running,not noticing the tree branches and bushes scraping her face and bare arms.Tears continued to roll freely down her numb,cold cheeks.She pushed through another wall of trees then she was in a clearing.Darkness enclosed around her,wrapping around her like a coat on a cold winter's day.Then...silence.The only sound was the soft pounding of her heart and the gentle whisper of her breath.Jez couldn't see much,just the trees swaying in the wind then darkness,the still,dangerous gathering darkness.There was a sudden crunch behing her.She spun.Then another to the left,she spun again.Another,spin.And another,right this time,she stood still.She refused to let her fear control her and make her dance this endless dance.The cold was worming it's way into her bones,freezing her,a statue in the night.The bushes russeled infront of her.The clouds moved,revealing the radiant moon,shinning in all it's glory.Then he stepped out.He was just as devine as ever,even more so as the moon acted like his spot light.In the day he was gorgeous,but under the many eyes that the night held he was unreal.Jez gasped,her breath stolen.He held out his hand to her.In one simple movement she was taken,that one gesture had enticed her,drawn her and swallowed her whole.She stared dumbly at his hand,took it without hesitation and glided towards her doom willingly.The corners of his mouth lifted slightly.He bared his teeth then dived in and took what was rightfully his.She gave it to him eagerly.Heart,body,soul.And blood.