what have i done? by Willow Thyme

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SUMMARY: this story is only a chapter long at the moment,the rest is still in construction.this story is about a vampire who has moved to a new town and falls in love with a young 17 yr old girl.hes resisted her for as long as he can but is the urge for blood stro

What have i done?She was cold.Colder than cold.Her skin was like a sheet of snow and the soft smoothness of her cheek was plain and colourless.And her eyes,oh god her eyes,they just starred blankly up at me as she lay at my feet.No feeling within the now once sparkling,hymnotic blue.She lay there,still as stone.What have I done?
A new town, a new school, a new life. Again. I had been forced to move. Again. My slow aging process had gotten in the way. Again. And now I was walking through the front doors of my new high school. Again.
The thing about me is that I'm different.yes,I know everyone is unique but I'm more unique than the humans around me. How am I different? that's easy,I,Nicholas Jameson, am a vampire.
I was born in 1647,on a cold September morning, in the lonely village of Widows Vale. My mother, Lady Elizabeth Jameson, died because of me. My first kill was my mother, she was my only one that regretted. I grew up with my father, Sir Matthew Jameson, in the old manor house, home to each duke in our family since the 1300's.Then,just before my marriage to my sweet beloved Henrietta betrothed showed me a secret beyond my imagination. She showed me something both horrifying and amazing. She showed me what she really was, both a monster and a child of the glorious night. And in showing me her secret she helped me be reborn. That night she bit me, we made a bond stronger than anything ever made before, a bond of blood. The transaction was painful and dangerous. A war raged in my veins as the demon blood fought to overcome me. For weeks Henrietta sat by my side,cantined to exchange blood, and nurse me. After what seemed like a century, I was changed and stronger than anytime in my previous life. My first kill was the beautiful thing I'd ever experienced. To feel the life fade within your grasp, to be the one stealing it, feeding on it, words do not comprehend. I had truly been reborn.
For a century we remained together, two deadly demon, dangerously in love. We scoured over Europe,reinging terror and destruction where ever we went. Countless lives we took in unimaginable ways. Then on the eve of our anniversary, a riot broke out. My love was taken. One of the hunters wives had spread a rumour, having become jealous of my darlings beauty and her ability of attracting males. The more her jealous increased, the more ludicrous the rumours got until they took a dangerous turn. They came close to the truth, too close.Henryetta got scared and in all the time I had know her she had never show fear, it was a weakness, something that a creature such as herself could not abide by. Finally she decided to do something about it. One night she eliminated the problem, and in the action of killing the woman she was sentenced to death. Her husband had walked in at the killing and seen enough to cause an uproar. The horns were blown and weapons were grabbed. Henrietta ran but her fate was already decided. I entered the opening just in time to see her tied to a stake and the fire being lit beneath her. I could still hear her screams ringing through my mind, rattling my memories as I strolled down the busy hallways towards the principals office.
As I strode down the hall heads turned and eyes widened.

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