Courtesan of Light and Dark by Tari Xalyr

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SUMMARY: I wrote this a few weeks ago . . .it's a monologue. . .possibly for my exams i'm not sure yet. . . .it's based on my character Risika which i have used in several other pieces (including duolouges and poetry) . . .

Risika: I've taken many patrons over the years. Each one unique, different, special in their own way. I've been a courtesan for as long as I can remember. A courtesan, yes. Risika they called me. Blood lust. The seductress. Pain bearer. Daughter of Hell. *pause* Daughter of Hell. They were nearly correct. But it wasn't always so. I belonged to the light once. The mortal world. Serving the members of the high courts, princes and the like. I believed myself immune to the eternal darkness that now stands before me.

So my friends I shall share with you the story of my turning. It all began with an assignment, an invitation and a masquerade ball. *cue music. Risika interacts with people at the ball and bows to Lord Darrion*.

Risika: My Lord Darrion. I would be delighted to dance.

*Risika and Darrion dance. Music stops and they bow and applaud the musicians.*

Risika: I thank you for the offer my Lord but I think I need some air.

Lord Darrion was my assignment that evening. I had received the invitation from Darrion's sister that morning. Darrion was worth some hundred pound to my master. More coins in my money bag. A high paying job, yes. But with a high paying job comes high risks.

Lord Darrion escorted me to the garden. Then to his chambers. Of what occurred my friends I am unable to tell for the bond between courtesan and patron is never to be broken. Suffuse to say the nightmare of after I all I recall clearly.

*return to story*

Risika: No please. My Lord please. I do not wish to die. Please! My Lord. . . . .Darrion what are you doing?!? NOOOOO!!!!


Risika: That night I died and was reborn to an endless night. Eternal life with eternal youth. Cursed. Cursed some said. I thought so to, at first. "Take it!" he said. "Seize it!" and I did for a curse it was not but an opportunity it was.

My Lord Darrion took me to a coven, His, coven to be with my own kind. I wished to join the warriors, those who call themselves the Death Dealers, but no for my Lord Darrion had other plans. A courtesan I was in life. A courtesan I was to be in death also. I was retrained to the arts of the bed chamber. For I was to be chained to that fate for eternity.

*screams in pain as if being whipped*

Risika: My Lord, please no more. Darrion, please. *is unchained* No pain. No wounds. I know what I am. I don't need you to tell me What I am! I am a vampire! Doomed for eternity to be your pleasure. But if that is all I am bound to be to your courtesan! Your whore! Your pleasure then at least tell me why? Why me? My Lord please just tell me . . . . . . Surely you could have had any other but it was me who received your Kiss of Darkness. . . . . My lord don't! . . . . *grabs arm* Don't walk away from me. . . . I need to know why. Darrion please. . . . . . Darrion don't walk away from . . . .*Darrion exits*

I can still feel it. His hand on my skin. Lord Darrion turned me out several nights later to fend for myself. I found another coven soon after where I trained hard to become more.

To know what you are is easy. To know how you are is slightly harder. But to know why you are is an answer I shall seek for eternity. All I know is that I am a vampire. Doomed to an eternal night. I am a Courtesan. Courtesan, spy, warrior, assassin. I am Risika. Blood Lust. Seductress. Pain bearer, Daughter of Hell.