Water Hole Games by Tari Xalyr

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SUMMARY: Focusing on metaphor in this piece. . . .just a chessy silly thing i wrote for the school paper. . .

The waterhole was calm, silent, undisturbed. In the distance a faint thundering sound could be heard in the distance, gradually growing louder as the voices approached.

A stampede of feet, voice and colour flooded through the stadium doors. Gryphon entered proud and tall, green marking covered their faces and bodies. Following close behind was Phoenix, blinding their opposition wit yellow flare. The next of the four tribes to brave the battle zone were the Dragons. Flying high above the rest, blue markings across their chests. Finally the last of the tribes made their way inside. Pegasus, red with pride arrived to uphold their existing position of power on the ladder.

Finally with all the tribes in position. Let the battles begin!!

Mighty war cries rose up from every direction as the first of many battles began. Trophies and shields, prizes of gold and riches to be seized through victory.

Many hours later, after a long enduring battle an almighty cry arose from Gryphon tribe. Their mighty warriors bringing home the first victory of the day. Unfortunately though for gryphon their victory was one of few achieved throughout this war.

As long battles lasted time and speed many fought and lost. Victories appeared across the board and screams of triumph roared and blared from all directions.

As battles began to slowly draw to an end the tribes threw their last warriors into battle before retreating from the field and fighting ceased amongst the tribes.

They gathered together to learn the final results from the mighty god O'Meara. After battles fought and endured and lost who would arise the mightiest tribe of all? Riches and wealth and prizes galore were claimed all round but it was Dragon who emerged victorious and most powerful and was rewarded with the greatest prize of all. Wealth of wealth, the jewel of jewels, the shield. Passed from tribe to tribe, generation to generation the chief and his queen held it high and proud, a mighty cry of victorious conquest bellowed over the battle field.

The tribes turned for the long journey home. Phoenix, Gryphon and Pegasus in silent defeat, Dragon in boisterous rejoice returning home. Once again the waterhole was calm, peaceful and soundless until the tribes returned next year when Dragon shall have to defend their mighty title once more.