Sisters by Tari Xalyr

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SUMMARY: My friend wrote this for me. . . .it's based on my character Risika and her sister, Jaysa (my friend) and their lovers Daemon and Lucivar. . . .you really need to know the characters to understadn this but there are several pieces in relation to Risika i

Once upon a tome, at the dawn of the world, the new moon shone down pale and cold. The north wind howled screaming the cold promise of darkness, pain and death. Over head the cold outline of the black storm could barely be seen. With a clap of thunder and flasj of lightening the rain began it's chilling descent.

Through thr curtain of rain three figures stood watching the small camp of mortal men slowly wind down to sleep. A demon of cold beauty like that of a sharpened steel narrowed his eyes.
:Do you think she can do this?" his cold polished voice could freeze a man to the bone.
"First time? Depends if she is strong enough." a more husky voice arose froma slightly taller demon sporting large bat like wings.
"She will do it." the finality of the voice of the woman silenced the two men. They stood in silence, Two pairs of golden eyes and one of sapphire, watching the sleeping camp. A chilling high pitched cry filled the night. Daemon jumped, muttering, "What in Hells fire was that?" as Lucivar shuddered amd drew his wings in close to his body.
"It begins," Jaysa smiled her cold, cruel smile.

Hours later, the moon had hidden it's face within the cloud. A woman, slowly climbed the hill towards the three motionless companions. The two men drew away from her as she approached, holding the two blood stained daggers loosely. Upon reaching her older sister, she stopped. Black eyes met sapphire. The woman presented the crossed blades to Jaysa, who smiled extending her hand to take one.
"Welcome to the Darkness, Risika Sa Diablo."
Together they turned from the valley and four voices rose in a chilling, howling cry of triumph as a wail of grief filled the valley below. . .