Promise of Lions by Håkon Ulvestad

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SUMMARY: The prologue to my work-in-progress novel. I won't say anything about it here, it's short and I don't want to give away anything. Hope you enjoy it.

Promise of Lions

As he walked onto the riverbank, he saw her sitting there, under the proud, old maple tree. Wearing her pretty summer dress, she looked like a little girl. Even if it was late in the year, she still wore it. He knew she tried to hold on to the lovely feeling that summer brings. The tree had only a few leaves left; they looked like they were going to fall soon.
He had known she would be waiting for him; it was exactly as he had planned. He approached her from the back, threading lightly on the fallen leaves. She did not know he was there until he tapped her on the shoulder. She started; then gave a sigh of relief when she saw who it was.
"You had me startled there, dear. I was afraid someone else had discovered where I'm hiding." She said. She had the most beautiful smile he could ever imagine.
"Hello my love, how are you today? Are you hungry? I brought some bread and wine," he said as he put down the basket containing a bottle of red wine, a loaf of fine bread and a blanket.
She giggled. "Yes, dear, that would be lovely. A little picnic here by the maple tree. How I love this place, the old tree here by the river. I have always felt that this place held so much life, squirrels running around, and the fish in the river, the fragrance of the blooming flowers. I spent much time here as a child, you know," she let out a pleasant laugh. The sound was like bluebells blooming in the spring, so vibrant and full of life.
He smiled as he sat admiring her beauty; the soft curves of her body, her dark hair flowing in the light breeze, her slightly tanned, smooth skin.
"What are you smiling at me for? Have I put on weight?" she asked playfully.
"No, no. I am only thinking of how lucky I am to have someone of such beauty and grace as you," he answered honestly.
"You are such a handsome gentleman, my dear. Making me blush like a little girl," she giggled.
They sat there enjoying the nice day; it was not often the weather was so bright and sunny in the fall. As it moved towards midday she stood up arching her back.
"Do you want to take a bath with me," she asked as she undressed. He was stunned taking in the sight of her naked body. "What are you glaring at me for? You sure I'm not getting fat?" she teased him.
"Of course I want to take a bath with you," he blushed. He undressed, and followed her into the water. The water was not as cold as he had expected, it was actually good to feel the water against his warm skin. When he spluttered water at her, she came at him trying to soak his head. She was in a playful mood today. As they bathed and played in the water, time went by and evening was approaching. When they had both dried up, he went to hunt some dinner, while she collected firewood. On return he found that she had made a nice little fire and was sitting next to it warming her hands waiting for him.
"You caught any dinner for us?" she asked him as he approached. He proudly showed her the three rabbits he had caught. The sight of them made her stomach growl even more.

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