Experiment in Madness by Alan Smith

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He took the gun. He pulled the trigger. He did the crime. He did exactly as he was told. They didn't believe him. They called him mad. They locked him away.
But walls couldn't hold him. Not for long. He was sure of that. He had done exactly as he was told, and he would be saved.
*He* would come. *He* would save him. He had to. He promised. He had done as he was told. He'd tried to tell them that. He'd tried to explain.
He was *not* mad. No. No. Not mad, no, never. Never. *He* said so.
*He* promised.
They'd put him in a tiny cell. The white walls loomed over him, menacing. They got closer if he stopped watching. Can't sleep, walls are waiting. But not for long. Walls can't hold him. *He* will come. *He* will come. He will. He'll- He is *not* mad. They didn't believe him. They couldn't handle it. He'll come.
He promised.