The Legends of Fed Drappel: The Triumphs (history) by Colin Spade

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SUMMARY: the world of the Triumph's

The world of Seles is a world dominated by four Queens; they were born into the family known as the Chedon's, their dynasty has been known to be conquerors to all, rulers to all, and perfect. None could stand against the force of the Chedon's. The four Queens were once one fighting force that could not be dominated. All to oppose were vanquished, the power of the Queens seemed to be infinite. They all opposed for the same reason: to see who had the power. Not only did the Queens have a huge force, they also possessed the greatest war strategists that countered every manoeuvre the enemy hurled. All opposed but two, the two kingdoms that did not oppose were the kingdoms known to have power as great as the Angel Sisters, they did not oppose for they knew the Angels possessed armies far greater in number that both the kingdoms together. Now the Queens were to dominate the planet, the last land to be conquered was the harbour kingdom of Faran and the kingdom of Triumph's. All the Queens desired the land, it is the largest of all continents, all but one, she chose not to send her army, and she told her sisters that they practically dominated the planet. One of her sisters protested, saying that the last land they were to conquer was the largest of all lands. The defensive Queen stayed with her word. The three sisters banished her from the land she was born to; they banished her with the words: "If you dare to touch your toe on this land again, my sister, we will order your death to be slow." The Queen to be banished was Queen Memory Chedon 1.
Five years passed and the Queens began their raid to the land of Seles, contrarily did the three Queens find out was Memory was now apart of the land of Triumph's and Faran, her forces were in the hundred thousands and now was in the resistance to keep the land theirs. King Triumph and King Faran each gave Queen Chedon half of the land they owned for they needed the extra man power to survive the raid. Memory Chedon 1 and her growing city of Green Angel drew an alliance with Faran; the King Mickey Faran 1 agreed the alliance. They tried to draw an alliance with the Triumph. The king, Cade Triumph declined the first request of the Queen. He told them: "My Empire is an independent territory. I gave the land for the support of the Queen, but if you get in my way in battle I will give no mercy." Three days after the saying of Cade Triumph, he was told by one of his scouts that the three Queens about to raid already dominated the planet. The next day King Triumph sent a page to Queen Memory with a letter agreeing with the alliance. Cade did not know if he could trust the renegade Chedon, his alliance was for war, allegiance was far from the King and Queen. He also agreed the alliance with Faran.
A week passed and the allied kingdoms got ready for the raid of the Angels. All together the defenders had an amount of six hundred thousand fighting men. A quarter of the resistance were peasants armed with armour they thought they would never don, they were not trained in the art of warfare, and they were there to defend their territory and King.

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