The Legends of Fed Drappel: The Triumphs (history) by Colin Spade

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The defenders were still weak to the Queens' army.
Three days later the Angel Wars began. The Angel Wars became known as the Second Armageddon in the ancient text. The first Armageddon was between the Humans and Dalephians, to see who will dominate and who will parish.
The Dalephians are the race, the ancient race that was on the land before the Humans. They were gifted with the ability of magic, and gifted with the life of six centuries. The race was also given a curse; the curse was that the Dalephians could only bear one child. The ones to bear a child were to give half their soul to give the life to the child. The source of the magic was within the soul of the Dalephian, with only half the magic they can not sustain the power they possess. They begin in the process which was named ‘Lep Seph Lan' the Rending Demise. They go through a pain of their soul attempting to restore itself, yet once the soul is broken it cannot heal, the endeavour, all the endeavours are in vain. Both parents go through this for twenty years then they fall into a coma, and then die.
The Angel Wars went on and off for five years, the three Queens, although, were merely toying with the kingdoms, the Queens' would send a small portion of their army to the land and as expected they were beaten back. The wounded, by orders of Cade Triumph, were allowed to be taken back to be treated. King Faran was furious with the ways of King Triumph.
"We won't last out there as long as we keep up this friendly act! We'll only last if we kill every Angel soldier that charge!" his protest was countered by Queen Memory Chedon.
"The three Queens' have our whole force doubled, even tripled in man power, they could have sent their whole force. This friendly act of King Triumph has kept us alive and fighting the last five years. Our chances of victory is down in the single digits, as long as our moral is high we won't go down!"
Their forces lasted for another five years. From the words of a scout that surveys the seas said that the full force of the Queens are on their way for a final charge, the death blow. The defenders had less than four hundred thousand men, and famine was great within the kingdoms, Faran never got its shipments of food for the sailors feared the attack of the Queens. Most of the fighting men died of hunger and fatigue.
King Triumph, Queen Memory Chedon and King Faran met for the last time within the walls of Faran.
"My scouts have just informed me that the Queens are setting for the final charge. The Whores have us pinned up against the walls!"
"I am not giving up on my fighting men!" Memory stormed. "I am going to fight! With or without your help."
King Triumph stood from his chair and raised a hand to gain attention. "None of you send your forces out. This might sound insane but don't." said King Triumph. "I'm going to send a hundred of my men plus two, these two will vanquish the war. They are the key, they alone can destroy the Queens' army and their empire, I am merely sending a hundred of my men for the show these two will put on."
Both the King of Faran and Queen Memory protests were similar.

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